The Woolley-Larrea Family

I met Stephanie Woolley 14 years ago during the scrapbooking craze. Turns out she’d gone to elementary school and college with my sister. And, also, side note: she’s effing awesome. Well, awesome runs in this family. Stephanie’s wife, Mary is a certainly no exception. I am always impressed by how smart and hardworking she is and by her inner joy and sense of humor. I won’t even start on their triplets. Because I need to focus on Miriam, Mary’s mom – the matriarch of the Larrea family. This month, the Woolley-Larrea family came together to honor Miriam on her birthday. Can you believe this is Miriam’s backyard? It’s GORGEOUS.

To be in the presence of this family is to become a part of this family. There is SO MUCH love. So, so much. And just pure acceptance and joy. I could live in that space forever. But enough about me and my crush on this family.

Look at how love just flows between Miriam and her grandkids. You can see respect and care and just ugh, I melt.

I didn’t have this kind of closeness with my grandparents (I had a respectful fear of them). So the friendship and candidness in these relationships is something I strive for in my own relationships with my kids (and one day my grandkids).  

3/4 of Miriam’s kids showed up on time for the session. LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THEY ARE! Did I lie? (No, clearly not.)

Sisters in friendship. Beautiful.

And these are the Woolley-Larreas. Two incredible moms to three incredible triplets. I’m so glad to know them.

(This is my friend of 14 years, Stephanie, with her daughter.)

Each kid is seen. Each kid brings life and love and joy. 

And Stephanie’s parents came to celebrate Miriam as well. Because FAMILY.

Miriam and her kids. I mean. Swoon. (I’d take this family photo over a posed studio shot any day. Blur and all.)

Miriam and her grandkids. <3

Miriam, you have created a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing it with me on your birthday. To many more!