Alexander’s Baptism

I met Kimberly through the Crossins at a time when the importance of family could not have been more evident. Through unfortunate circumstances, I was blessed. A silver lining. Meeting the Pineda family and spending this day with them felt like a gift. They are the kind of family that embraces you – the kind of people that offer to carry your gear in the pouring rain or brave the deepest puddles to bring you an umbrella and walk you to the door. They are full of love and joy. And so much of that love and joy is for Alexander.

This boy is a treasure to each and every family member. And with good reason.

Baptism Photography - Miami Florida

Baptism Photography - Miami Florida

The church was filled with love and support for Alexander and his family, in this Catholic ritual where a baby is welcomed into the church and his godparents vow to be good role models and to support him by regularly and faithfully practicing the religion.

Baptism Photography - Miami Florida

Baptism Photography - Miami Florida

Baptism Photography - Miami Florida


After the ceremony, the intention was to make photographs of the family with Alexander – many from out of town for the occasion. We managed to get a few shots in, but then two things conspired against us: Alexander’s sleepiness and the weather.



So I decided to brave the torrential downpour and tag along to the family luncheon, so I could finish the family portraits.





I feel so very grateful for being a part of Alexander’s baptism – such a special moment in his life. Man, I love being photographer.